American Football

Known in the United States simply as football and often as gridiron outside the United States, is a competitive team sport known for combining strategy with physical play. The objective of the game is to score points by advancing the ball into the opposing team's end zone.

The ball can be advanced by carrying it (a running play) or by throwing it to a teammate (a passing play). Points can be scored in a variety of ways, including carrying the ball over the opponent's goal line, catching a pass thrown over that goal line, kicking the ball through the goal posts at the opponent's end zone, or tackling an opposing ball carrier within his end zone.

The winner is the team with the most points when the time expires.

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In the NFL, ranges of uniform numbers are (usually) reserved for certain positions

  • 1–19: Quarterbacks, kickers and punters
  • 20–49: Running backs, fullbacks, and defensive backs
  • 50–79: Centers and offensive lineman
  • 10-19, 80–89: Wide receivers
  • 40-49, 80-89: Tight ends
  • 60–99: Defensive linemen
  • 40-59, 90-99: Linebackers


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20/11/2020 03:11
Offense The offensive line (OL) consists of five players whose job is to protect the passer and clear the way for runners by blocking members of the defense. The lineman in the middle is the Center. Outside the Center are the Guards, and outside them are the Tackles. Except for the center, who...


20/11/2020 03:10
Defense In contrast to members of the offense, the rules of professional football (NFL Rulebook) and American college football (NCAA Rulebook) do not specify starting position, movement, or coverage zones for members of the defensive team, except that they must be in the defensive zone at the...

The 2012 Season

01/01/2020 02:52
NFL  season home and away matchups FOX Sports      Courtesy of NFL The following is complete list of each NFL team's home and away matchups for the 2011 season.   ON TAP THIS WEEKEND Go inside all the...

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